About Us

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Streamscape Environmental provides straightforward GIS mapping solutions for environmental specialists and organizations who lack the tools, time, or expertise to analyze and display their geographic data. We will take your data in any format (whether hard copy or in electronic form) and combine it with existing geographic data and base layers, to produce high quality custom maps, designed to your specifications. Since we keep it simple, we keep it affordable. Send us a free Estimate Request to get started.

Our Philosophy

At Streamscape Environmental we understand that many small environmental organizations don’t have access to affordable GIS mapping services. In this technological age, it is often vital to display your geographic and environmental data in reports and presentations, yet not everyone has the skills, time, or software to create professional quality maps. Large GIS consulting firms offer expensive and often overly-complicated options. While a less expensive option, interns and volunteers are typically just learning the programs, meaning slower progress and less professional results. In contrast, Streamscape Environmental provides quick, professional, and affordable results to meet your needs and fit your budget and timeline.

About the Owner

Jennifer Mongolo is a bilingual environmental consultant with extensive experience in integrated resource management, including conservation and restoration planning, environmental analysis, and geographic information systems (GIS). For more than fifteen years she has worked with and studied natural resources in the United States and Mexico. Through her studies and professional experience, she has developed an intimate understanding of the complexities relating to resource management and the great need for cooperative planning, sustainable development, and biodiversity conservation.

Jennifer currently splits her time between Streamscape Environmental and the Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains, where she works as a Conservation Biologist studying endangered steelhead trout, conducting biological assessements, and providing sustainable landscaping consultations to landowners in the Santa Monica Mountains. She is certified by the Green Gardens Group (G3) as a Watershed Wise Landscape Professional and occasionally teaches Landscape Design Seminars for G3.